How to evaluate the innovation profile of your company

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How to evaluate the innovation profile in your company

How many more businesses become complex , forecasts become less assertive and competitive market with increasing competition and changing consumer profile, the company seeking a solution that can mitigate the risk of unpredictability and keep growing in the market.

Innovation has gained much space at present to make a difference in this corporate chaos by bringing disruptions in the patterns , create differentiation , added value and increase amentar results . Reasons to invest in innovation are clear and somehow all companies would like to invest in the current economic moment, though between wanting to invest and investing is very different.

Innovation is often confused with creativity , and besides having creativity as pillar is much more than that . It is a process , and different from Fordism , which also changed the structure of the market in its time , is not a standardized process . Has a base of concepts such as creativity , differentiation , experimentation, research, quality and various others, and that the process can vary from company to company.

Thinking about this , it is common to ask how to assess if my company is investing in innovation correctly or how much it is prepared to invest? Since innovation is not a standard , this question does not have a standard answer .

There are many factors that will contribute more or less to the success of this investment , follow below 10 questions that can help in this self -assessment of their investment in innovation .

Questions that will contribute to clarify the innovation profile in your company

  1. Innovation is something that all of the company ‘s presidency to employees, understand that will make a difference today in the company ?
  2. People in your company deal well with change?
  3. Your company has a favorable position to develop creativity environment?
  4. Currently there is detailed on the consumer profile of the company studies ?
  5. Your business is flexible ? If yes, what happens when someone gives a suggestion to improve some process ? When the client gives a hint what happens ?
  6. Your company has a multidisciplinary team in the teams ?
  7. When you have an idea or someone in the company or person you feel in condition to deliver it to the company , or guard the idea to use on another occasion ?
  8. There are performance indicators that make sense to you ?
  9. The mission , vision and values ​​of the company makes sense to you ?
  10. People who make a difference in your business recognized? What does it mean difference in your business? Increase in financial income ?

If most of the answers to the above questions are no, your company has a low maturity to enjoy good results with the use of innovation. It would be interesting to create a program to develop some actions to improve the environment and culture of the company so that the results are more favorable to invest in innovation.

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